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'Sergeant Red, simply pushing them forward does not progress their growth. The students we are teaching are children. From time to time, they also require a bit of affection and praise.'


"Two instructors have recommended him as well? Red and Wei Chen. Wei's naturally soft hearted, so I understand. That [Sergeant First class] Red had really put up a letter of recommendation as well?"


Nobody predicted this situation. Han tried to recall from the various situations he trained for, but he couldn't seem to remember any at all. It didn't matter if his analysis skills were strong, because he didn't have any pieces of the puzzle to work out the core problem at the moment.


"You're nothing but the top student of class D. I'll teach you that class B is leagues ahead of your level. I heard your weapon arts grades are good. How about a fight? This is a joint training period so there shouldn't be a problem."


Kijo turned around and went to his room. He could hear him quietly cursing in Korean under his breath. Han pretended not to hear.


"Today our opponent is squad 6. This battle is easier than all the battles we have fought thus far. Their squad had suffered too many injuries from previous squad battles so they won't be able to deploy their core members. It's very likely that they're ready to throw the towel already. But, don't let your guard down. Let's obtain a perfect victory."

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He had also turned to means that he was not proud of for the sake of survival. He had done whatever he could so that he and his younger siblings would be able to survive.


Originally, there should have been thirteen squad leaders present, but many of the chairs remained empty. The 7th squad leader, Kato, was absent. Instead, a substitute squad leader had joined the meeting.


Han moved to the backside of the dimensional crack. Silence and Simon moved to the front side of the Elu tribe. Silence and Simon lowered their body once they drew closer to the previous camp location.


Sergeant Red glanced toward Silence. Silence patted Han and Simon's shoulders.


"People die time to time in Ark as well. It shouldn't be the first time you've seen a corpse."


Light spilled out from the psychic crystal. The exact location did not matter, all the mage had to do was blow up the whole place.


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His flesh had been badly lacerated, but now he had made a perfectly full recovery. The burned flesh had regrown. The medical facility of Ark was top notch. As long as one still had a breath of life in them, one would be able to make a full recovery.



The enemy was calculative and provocative. It attacked from the front, but it understood it was fighting a disadvantaged battle, so it always maintained a safe distance.


The drill instructors had rationed life necessities that were needed to survive on the island. As long as he didn't panic, problems should not occur.


"No. This is the best time to attack. It is injured now, and depleted much of its psychic energy. We should split to increase our search area. If we surround it, it shouldn't be able to escape via blink."

  • Everyone understood this other than the transfer students themselves.
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