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There didn't seem to be many third years. They looked more relaxed than the second years. Everyone was either training their stamina or reading books. There were no unified drills or lectures.


Simon was surprised with this military operation. Simon was already aware of the excellence of Han's leadership skills, but after receiving the orders directly, Han had exceeded his expectations by a large margin.


Han crawled on the floor and looked down into the dimensional crack. The dragon fear had disappeared. Han threw up everything he had been suppressing.


"There are so many soldiers to witness today's event, they won't dare to kill me when I'm unarmed." Corporal Zhai was idolized by the people of China. He was known for his countless contributions he made for the country and his deeds were widespread throughout the country through propaganda advertisements.


After that ordeal, any person would become completely unfazed to violence. There isn't any hesitation to deal with the other party's life.


Silence let his anger rise. This operation would have been easy as pie. If their undercover operation succeeded, the Elus wouldn't have been able to put up resistance at all.

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It seems to be the case because they required a weapon that could enable them to penetrate deep into the dragon. Axes or blunt weapons were not included among the various psyker gear.


"I was going to go on a diet, but thanks to somebody here my body has gotten significantly lighter so there is no more need for it."


"Our opponent had been Karlheinz, so I agreed. He wanted to copy you and deployed half of his rangers. He didn't think the rocky terrain penalty would affect the efficiency of his defenders."


"Of course. But, you didn't seem that interested in joining. What changed your mind?"


Kuro received an electric shock examination from Professor Grace. He had remained prone for a long period of time which made his whole body ache. Kuro lightly stretched his body.


Additionally, all the members of his squad had joined with their own free will. The sense of responsibility he felt for everyone felt heavy.


Squads 7 to 13 had lost half of their squad members due to death. As for squads like 8, who could not escape, they were annihilated.



The existence he had only seen through photos and recordings. Human beings will reflexively stiffen in fear as if meeting their natural enemy.



Only they were capable of commanding an organized army amongst the minions. They had no sclera to their eyes and their ears were pointed. Otherwise, they looked exactly like humans, and they had powerful psychic skills. They could easily defend against modern military weapons, like dragons. However, they didn't have limitless mana like dragons, and so long as one targets that weakness, it would not be impossible to take one down with modern military weapons.


The gloves were made of a highly flexible alloy which neutralized most physical attacks. Though the suit was very heavy, the mobility became exponentially faster than if one were to move around without it.


"In the end, you're also trying to say that Han must be moved up with the second years. For crying out loud."

  • Their leader, Dmitri, had been promoted to class A.
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