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Among sergeants, everyone praised Han with high remarks. Everyone pitied that he had such low psychic talent that blocked him from continuing forward.


He maintained his distance against the skull mask. He maintained the furthest distance he could mange. The skull mask approached him using his teleportation skill twice. The skull mask had become restless from Han's words.


"However, the result of this battle is a miracle. They had to fight against werewolves and Elu hunters without any special gear, and still, not one death resulted."


The Elu mage commanded them to stop chasing after the youths. The Elu warriors slowly returned, trudging. The Elu tribe had a more important task than chasing after intruders. Team Whiskey hid in a safe spot for a breather.


"A soldier who can stand against a dragon is not a genius who has never experienced defeat. It is the man of steel who has overcome challenges and went forward.."


The sound was out of place from the forest. Silence, who lead the group raised his palm. The squad stopped and fell into absolute silence.

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England, and a few other countries, also ran their own psyker training schools. Of course, all advanced training was done through Ark.


A youth with blood dripping from his forehead shouted, all the while charging forward with his fists ready.


They appeared to be a pig-like turtle monster with low intelligence and simple attack patterns. Without an Elu to command them, they would just blindly throw frontal attacks.


No matter how many days passed, no matter how much training he received from Sergeant Red, it was useless. All the surrounding kids succeeded one by one. Kuro, whom Han was closest to, also succeeded.


The cameras attached to the tree branches moved. The cameras followed the squad members' every actions. The current competition was being broadcasted for everyone to see.


'Silence had the best battle skills and moved the quickest on his feet so he was first. Sergeant Red was second in line because he could deliver prompt commands for Silence and at the same time deliver hand signals to those behind him. Simon was third since he was the most well rounded in skills. I could analyse the squad's condition the best so I would be last.'


Han made a large sweeping motion with his spear to buy some time. Han ranked the best in close combat within class B. Everyone was already aware of this and didn't dare to carelessly attack.



He felt something chilling from behind. Han prepared himself for an attack, but he didn't feel any impact. Rather, the youth who had snuck up from behind had fainted, and a stone plopped onto the ground.



Kuro looked like he wanted to cry from the blow. There was a giant bruise on his leg. Han took a moment to catch his breath and stood in front of Kuro. Han helped Kuro up and spoke.


"The child's stress tolerance and mental strength is higher than an average adult's. His psychometric level is also surprising. Compared to children his age, his sense of responsibility is very high, and his sense of identity is strong."


"I like that side of Kuro. However, the Elus and werewolves will not allow it. There will come a time when Kuro must wield a weapon to attack his enemies. If he hesitates at an important moment, the result will be vastly different. It has been so in my own experiences."

  • Kuro used his psychic powers to catch about four to six fishes a day. Shared among the three youths, it was plenty to stave off hunger.
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